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5_times's Journal

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The Five Times Fanfiction Challenge.
Welcome to 5_times: a fanfiction challenge focusing on the "Five Times" Challenge where writers take a character, a pairing or a group and write five interconnected drabbles/ficlets/fics where the character, pairing or group do five things. For example, Five Times that Buffy Kissed Angel or Five Times That Harry Potter Made Up With Ginny Weasley.

At 5_times, the challenge is that you select a prompt table of five themes for each of your five interconnected drabbles/ficlets/fics. Each of the theme must be used in one of the five parts and each of the parts must tell an overlapping story.

FAQ: Still unsure about how this works? Or have some questions, the FAQs are the place to go.
Prompt Tables: Before placing your claim, check out which prompt table you'd like to use.
Claims: So you've decided on what prompt table you'd like to use, then it's time to make your claim.
Hall of Fame: Once you've completed your claim, this is the place to go so that you can get a banner to show off.

We do have a few rules to ensure that the community runs smoothly:
1) When posting, please use a lj-cut. Fake-cuts to personal writing journals/fic communities are fine, as long as the journal/community is not friends locked/members only.
2) When posting, please use the following header or a similar variation. You must include a disclaimer.

3)We do not accept RPF/RPS fanfiction. However we do accept original characters within an established fandom.
4)We accept all ratings, pairings, characters, and genres. Please ensure that you are using appropriate labels and ratings when posting. For example, if your fic contains graphic violence or sex, please include this in your header and ensure that your rating is suitable for your fic.
5) When posting, fics should include spoiler warnings as necessary.
6) You must write a minimum of 100 words for each prompt.

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