Long Way Home (Five Times Sam's Leaps Were Very Personal)

Title: Long Way Home. Also available as a Series at AO3
Author: lightbird777
Rating: T
Fandom: Quantum Leap
Character: Sam Beckett
Summary: Every leap brings Sam closer to home. A series of individual post-‘Mirror Image’ leaps with an overall story arc.
Disclaimer: Not mine. Just this story.
Prompt: All of Table 1

WARNING FOR PART 3: Story is not explicit but there is implied off-screen non-con, abuse and violence against a minor; contains under-age alcohol abuse.


Part 1: Lost (prompt: alone)
Part 2: A Leap for Al (prompt: lost)
Part 3: Exile (prompt: bruise)
Part 4: Impasse (prompt: nightmare)
Part 5: A Leap for the Leaper (prompt: hopeless)

right into your soul

Four Times Tsuna Wanted to Leave (and the one time he didn't have to) [5927]

Title: Four Times Tsuna Wanted to Leave (and the one time he didn't have to)
Author: neko11lover
Rating: K+
Fandom: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Pairing/Character: Gokudera/Tsuna
Disclaimer: All disclaimers apply.
Prompt: Table 2: 4. Falling

(And because when you've been friends - family - for over a decade, the little changes become more apparent and easier to see.)
  • sarhea

Five Times a Witch Helped Bruce Wayne

Title: Five times a Witch Helped Bruce Wayne
Author: sarhea
Rating: PG
Fandom: Harry Potter, Batman
Pairing/Character: Bruce Wayne, Luna Lovegood
Disclaimer: JK Rowling owns Luna and co, DC Comics, Warner Bros, etc owns Batman and co. I do not own the characters/worlds, simply playing with them.
Prompt: All of Set#07 & Set#05
Summary: Five times Bruce Wayne accepted a service/aid from a Witch. OR Four times Luna Lovegood helped a hero and one time he opened up to her.